Make it all fit: planning your time efficiently

Posted on Friday, January 7, 2022

41 p.m. as the time


  1. Schedule all deliverables for the session.

Write out on a Word document at the beginning of the session all the deliverables you will find on your syllabi such as intra exams, quizzes, and group projects. This will allow you to set a schedule for when you need to study, and to respect each deliverable.  You can then add deadlines to your Google calendar to ensure that you meet the deadlines.

Pro Tip: Make sure you add calendar alerts a few days or a week ahead of a deadline to give you enough time to complete the work.

2. Anticipate the weeks ahead.

It might be tempting to use all your free time during less busy weeks to relax, however that time is finite! Take advantage of your less busy weeks to get ahead or establish proactive study habits. Start planning or even completing your future work ahead of time; you can eventually reach a day when you were so productive, you’ve finished all your work on time.

3.  Use platforms such as Outlook, Microsoft Teams, or other Applications.

We know this might sound like our first point but there is a very slight difference. In this case, we are suggesting adding all your class schedules, discussion group sessions, sports, and extracurricular activities into your calendar as well as your assignment deadlines. Doing so will allow you to keep track of your schedule and visualize how much time you have for upcoming assignments and windows for studying.

Pro Tip: Schedule your study sessions as you would your extracurricular activities.

4.  Set short-, medium-, and long-term goals

To maintain a sense of fulfillment while doing your work, it is recommended that you set goals. Writing out small and attainable goals daily will not only help you complete them, but also motivate you to achieve more. Examples of short-, medium- and long-term goals are:

Short term goals:

- complete 1 hour of studying per day

- complete 1 reading per day

- outline tasks for the rest of the week


Medium term goals:

- schedule re-occurring study sessions throughout the semester

- make use of professor office hours when needed

- grow your professional network in your field of study

- enrich resume with volunteering before applying to jobs


Long term goals:

- obtain a certain CGPA

- Complete your degree in a certain amount of years

- Get accepted into a graduate program

- Publish an academic paper before graduating


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