Study Break Tips and Tricks

Posted on Friday, April 1, 2022

two people studying in front of their laptops


It takes a lot of time, effort, and brain power to review course notes and slides, finish assignments, and study for exams. Here are some great ways to take a break so that you can return refreshed, focused, and ready to get back to your books.


  1. Break away from your study space

It’s very easy to become superglued to your desk chair while cramming for exams. Why not get up and walk around the room, or better yet, go outside and get some fresh air. No matter how short the walk or how far you go, moving your body helps blood flow, which will sharpen your ability to focus.

  1. Karaoke and dance

Cranking up the music and singing some karaoke or dancing is one of the best ways to let loose. Pull up your favorite Spotify playlist and make a fool of yourself!  (don’t worry, no one is watching).

3. Catch up with a friend

Whether you decide to meet them on campus or give them a call, catching up with a friend is a great way to decompress during a study break. You could discuss the latest Netflix show you’ve watched, how your exams are going, or how you’re feeling – regardless of what you talk about, a quick chat could reenergize you for your next study session.

4. Bake or cook something

This idea has two purposes: first, baking gets your mind off your course material, and second, the end result is food! Try cooking a batch of brownies, muffins, or some other sweet or savoury treat to reward yourself for all that studying.

  1. Stretch

Chances are that while you’re studying, you’re in a sitting position for an extended period.  Stretching your neck, back, hips, and quads will increase blood flow throughout your body and allow you to feel more relaxed. Here are some easy stretches to try.




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