Procurement Services and the Physical Resources Service have teamed up with TerraCycle to create uOttawa’s first pen recycling program. Our goal is to reduce uOttawa’s ecological footprint by diverting our used writing instruments from the waste stream.

Getting your office or residence involved couldn’t be easier.

  1. Find an empty cardboard box (the size of a Xerox box).
  2. Print the included poster, stick them on the box and leave the box in a visible location.
  3. When the box is full, dial ext. 2222 to let Physical Resources Service know that it needs to be picked up.

If you have writing instruments that no longer work, you can collect them in an envelope and send them to Brigitte Morin 141 Louis-Pasteur pvt through INTRA mail.

Products you can recycle

All brands of any type of writing instrument—pens, markers, highlighters, mechanical pencils, pencils, etc.!

Even though we only receive funds for Sharpie, Uni-ball, Paper Mate and Expo branded items, TerraCycle collects and recycles all writing instruments.

For all questions about the pen recycling program email Brigitte Morin, waste diversion coordinator.