Designated Substances Reports and Hazardous Materials Surveys


The designated substances reports are an inventory of the location and condition of substances like asbestos and lead. New information may be found in these documents and must be consulted before any work or construction projects. 

  • Note that some areas that were previously identified as non-containing have come back positive for ACM after several samples were taken using the legislative threshold of 0.5% legislated by O. Reg 278/05. 

NOTE: if material is not disturbed and are in good condition, THERE IS NO RISK. 

If you suspect a potential exposure, submit an incident report with Health and Wellness.

List of Designated Substance Reports and Hazardous Materials Surveys

A Quick Reference Guide to the Designated Substance Reports is now available to download. Please note that this guide does NOT replace the actual DSRI and in the event of the presence of asbestos containing material, the DSR must be consulted for more specific information.

If you have any questions about designated substances, please refer to the Asbestos FAQ document or you can contact the Asbestos Coordinator, Patrick Labrèche, for additional building information or help to interpret the reports.

If you wish to obtain a DSR copy of a leased building, please contact [email protected].

(Last updated December 7, 2021).

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