Roger Guindon building
Roger Guindon Project Bundle

The Roger Guindon Project Bundle is comprised of seven projects that will be implemented by 2018, improving and increasing uOttawa's research capacity by offering innovative new research and learning facilities.

Project Description

The Roger Guindon (RGN) Project Bundle is comprised of seven (7) projects to be implemented throughout 2016-2018 plus two (2) additional projects which are being initiated at the feasibility stage.

Projects for implementation include a mix of office fit-ups and wet labs for the Faculty of Medicine, new an renovated wet lab space of the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS), emergency generator replacement and upgraded ventilation for some of the Animal Care and Veterinary Services spaces.

Feasibility projects include a level 4 roof addition for FHS and Faculty of Medicine wet labs, office and student spaces, and a general floor space optimization and upgrade program within RGN.

Project Goals

  1. Align with the University of Ottawa’s Destination 2020 goals for research excellence
  2. Improve and increase research capacity by offering modern research and learning facilities
  3. Foster innovation in research by providing new types of laboratory spaces
  4. Allow members of the uOttawa community to contribute to a rapidly changing knowledge economy

Questions and Answers

Why are you bundling these projects?

The University of Ottawa opted to combine the multiple projects within Roger Guindon Hall as each and every one of them affected the others either physically or from a user perspective. The new addition and renovations will offer state‐of‐the‐art, open‐concept laboratories to meet both faculties, increasing need for such spaces, but also provide the necessary infrastructure to support both current changes and future requirements.

What are some of the highlights of the plans?

The laboratories for both faculties are without a doubt the biggest highlights of this project. They will offer state‐of‐the‐art, open‐concept laboratory spaces to not only increase both faculties, capacity, in terms of research space, but also to promote the type of work being done in this type of environment and also expansion of research teams in the future.

As Roger Guindon Hall is already a research facility, the infrastructure within the building is very complex as it includes all the services required to support a research environment. To ensure that the new laboratory spaces are well equipped with all the services they require, multiple upgrades to the mechanical and electrical systems are also a major part of this project. System improvements include a new emergency generator, which is double the current capacity, as well as major upgrades to the ventilation systems within the Animal Care & Veterinary Services spaces.

What is the estimated cost of the bundle of projects?

The overall project budget is established at $15.95 million whereas $11.75 million is for Wet Lab renovations and expansion related to the faculty of Medicine, and $4.2 million is related to Wet Lab renovations of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

What steps have you followed to approve the plans?

The University of Ottawa recognizes that this is a large and complex project and has therefore been carefully planning it for the past 2 years.

  • The project is identified as a key element within the uOttawa Campus Master Plan and contributes to the University’s Destination 2020 strategic goal of research excellence.
  • There has been extensive study, consultation and detailed development of the functional program to determine the full scope of the project.
  • The plans have evolved based on input from the user groups and other key stakeholders.
  • The design plans have been subject to the approval of the Building Committee.
Will the Roger Guindon building be open during construction?

Yes, the Roger Guindon building will remain fully open throughout the renovations.

Renovations inside the building will take place in phases and some areas may be closed during predetermined periods. Communication advisories will be issued in advance of any closure.

Will the area around the construction be safe during construction?

Yes. We have contracted with an experienced construction manager in the delivery of renovations and expansions within occupied facilities. We are working closely with them to ensure that the construction zone as well as the area surrounding the construction zones within the building will be safe for all students and staff throughout the duration of the project.

When are the noisiest time periods of the project?
  • Construction activity will occur during regular work days and hours, starting at 7h00. Most of the work involves interior renovations. Internal noise levels will be at their peak during the initial construction phase from March 2016 to December 2016.
  • The Construction of the 3rd Floor Addition will create exterior noise that will be noisiest starting in spring 2016 right through spring 2017.
  • Once the addition superstructure is in place, the noise levels will significantly decrease.
  • Noise levels will also be higher during the lifting and setting into place of the new generator in the fall of 2016. However, the duration of this activity is fairly short term and will only be lasting over a few days
Who are the architects and constructors?
  • Architects: Edward J. Cuhaci & Associates Architects Inc., an architectural firm already familiar with the RGN Facility and with their main office here in Ottawa.
  • Goodkey Weedmark & Associates Ltd., and BPA, both large local Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Consultant firms in the Ottawa Region and that are also very familiar with the building systems of Roger Guindon.
  • Construction Manager: PCL Constructors Canada Inc., a national company with a large local office in Ottawa. This group brings a range of skill and expertise with large scale phased construction management projects and sensitivity to university requirements.

Project Team

  • Design Consultants (Architectural & Structural): David Bull, Cuhaci & Associate Architects Inc.
  • Mechanical & Electrical Consultants (Fit-up & Generator): Goodkey Weedmark and Associates Ltd.
  • Mechanical & Electrical Consultants (Labs): Bouthillette & Parizeau Inc.
  • Construction Manager: PCL Constructors Ltd.
  • Cost Consultants: Marshall & Murray Incorporated

Possible disruptions

  • Dust
  • Interruptions
  • Noise
  • Relocations
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