uoBooked: A workstation booking tool for Facilities

While the University’s staff continues to work remotely, you now have the opportunity to work on Campus by reserving dedicated workstations and closed offices. Workstations at 141 Louis Pasteur are available for Facilities staff currently working from home.

uoBooked is an off-the-shelf software that helps staff efficiently manage, book, and track physical resources such as desks and office spaces. Schedule views and searching tools allow users to find available times for the resources they need and to reserve them through a user-friendly interface.

Based on the floor plan of 141 LPR and Ottawa Public Health guidelines, the tool is configured to enforce these parameters. The intuitive interface allows users to immediately book available space with very little training.

We still encourage to work remotely unless physical presence is required to maintain operational safety and the continuity of operations.

All members of the uOttawa community are required to wear a mask or face covering that securely covers the nose, mouth and chin while in common spaces inside buildings on Campus. Physical distancing rules apply at all times.

Booking your desk

To reserve a desk, log into uoBooked using your uoAccess username and password .

Only approved workstations and closed offices can be used. There are two types of desks available: workstations or closed offices.

Desks can be reserved in three-hour blocks, Monday to Sunday. You may leave and return during your reserved time slot. Please see to the floor plan below to locate the bookable desks.

A swipe card is required to access the 2nd floor. If you don’t have a swipe card, please submit a request here.

You may be asked to present your booking confirmation email and photo ID while you are on Campus.

141 LPR 2nd floor plan



Food, drink, and washrooms

The building’s washrooms on the second floor will be available; capacity limited to one person at a time.

You may bring your own water bottles, food and drink; the refrigerators and microwaves are available. Food should be consumed at the workstation. Please remember to use the dedicated waste receptacles in the kitchen.

COVID-19 Cleaning Kits

Supplies will be provided at each desk to clean your space before and after use. The cleaning kits include:

  • Neu Quat Cleaner/Disinfectant - Strong Arm
  • Dilution 22/4000
  • Stay Away Liquid Hand Disinfectant (70% Alcohol)

Health and Safety information

Please take the time to read and follow the desk usage directions.

To comply with Government of Ontario regulations, uOttawa has made a COVID-19 Daily Assessment tool available to students, staff and visitors. Please complete the short questionnaire before coming on Campus.

All members of the uOttawa community are now required to wear a mask or face covering that securely covers the nose, mouth and chin while in common spaces inside buildings on Campus.

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