Asset Management, Planning and Real Estate

Rendering of future Lees

About the team

Senior Director: Geoffrey Frigon

Our sector provides a full range of planning services, from campus-development projects to designing your workspace. We offer our expertise to help determine your needs and collaborate with you to best to meet them. Our skilled and dedicated team of professionals strive to ensure that the University's physical resources meet the needs of the campus community. We are proud to help create a campus that is a wonderful place to work and study.

Policies, Procedure and Guides

Sectors Responsibilities

  • Fine-tuning the University Master Plan
  • Helping design functional spaces for faculties, services and staff
  • Planning for new buildings, major building renovations and space allocations
  • Updating and maintain construction plans and records
  • Consulting with external community members to discuss the impacts of campus construction
  • Health and Safety
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