Recycling & Sanitary Services

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Facilities and the Office of Campus Sustainability want uOttawa to become a zero waste campus, a place where waste is a thing of the past.

Progress: In 2019, the campus diversion rate was 65%(Waste diversion is the percentage of materials we avoided sending to, or “diverted” from, landfills.)

Contact Recycling & Sanitary Services

  • For service requests, log into Archibus or please call 613-562-5800 ext. 2222 or write to
  • For special requests or inquiries, please write to the Sanitary Services team at
  • For more information on Recycling & Sanitary Services, please contact the Manager, Suzanne Vincent, at 613-866-6613 or

Cleaning Schedule


  • Classroom / Auditorium / Teaching Labs: 5 visits per week
  • Computer Labs: 5 visits per week
  • Corridors: 5 visits per week
  • Employee Offices: 1 visit per month
  • Kitchens: 5 visits per week
  • Lobbies: 5 visits per week
  • Meeting / Conference Rooms: 5 visits per week
  • Open Offices (over 35 m2): 2 visits per month (winter)
  • Photocopy / Mail Rooms: 2 visits per week
  • Research Labs: 1 visit per week
  • Secretariats / Reception: 2 visits per week
  • Stairs: 5 visits per week
  • Washrooms: 5 visits per week


  • Trash bins are emptied 5 times a week in public spaces:
    conference rooms, kitchens, employee lounges, and secondary stairwells.
  • Offices are cleaned once a month.
    To prepare, please clear your desk so that the Recycling & Sanitary Services team can clean it (they never move what’s on your desk), and if necessary, remove everything from under your desk so that your floor can be cleaned.

    Place your things on a chair or in a corner. Please ask your administrative officer about the cleaning day for your office or common space.


Office Waste & Recycling Bins

Please empty your wastebaskets and recycling bins in the designated areas on your floor, such as recycling stations or the containers often found near kitchens. We suggest you do so when you get up to move in your office so that it becomes part of your routine.

Note: Don’t leave your wastebaskets or recycling bins outside your office to be emptied more often. They will not be emptied and they will get in the way of the cleaning staff. 

Locked Confidential Paper Bins (Employees Only)

You now have at your disposal locked paper bins in order to ensure a secure process for the destruction of confidential documents on campus. We invite you to place a work order through your Facility Manager or Administrative Coordinator to have a locked confidential paper bin installed on your floor.

Moving and recycling

When you move or have a large amount of paper to recycle:

Fill plastic bags or boxes (sealed with adhesive tape) and call ext. 2222 to have them picked up in the same office where you packed them. Remember not to overload bags.

The Recycling & Sanitary Services team is there if you need help to figure out how many bags or boxes you require; attach pictures to your request if you have a lot of paper. In general, if you have more than 15 bags, we will recommend that you use a large bin.

Note: Don’t forget that binders can’t be recycled. Put binders that are three inches thick or less, and in good condition, books for others to read and office supplies in a separate bag labelled for the Free Store. Put binders more than three inches thick in a separate bag to be thrown out. 

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