Sustainability: Utilities

Water pipes in the uOttawa power plant

We are committed to creating an efficient campus that reduces its impact on the environment.


TARGET: Reduce energy consumption by 2% annually despite the growth of the campus. 
PROGRESS: In 2013, energy consumption dropped by 0.5% despite the addition of 6,000 square metres of space.


EcoProsperity is a program to implement deep-energy retrofits on campus. In 2013, the program was responsible for over $3 Million dollars in energy savings. Recently retrofitted buildings include the Morriset Library, Desmarais, Fauteux, Site and Roger Guindon.

Embedded Energy Manager
The University of Ottawa has partnered with Hydro Ontario to employ an embedded energy manager on campus. The embedded energy manager is responsible for reducing electrical consumption by finding energy saving opportunities.

Demand Response 3 (DR3)
During the hottest days of the year, the University is called upon by the Province to reduce its energy consumption to preserve the electrical grid. On these days we implement energy reduction measures which include turning off non-essential lighting and rotating ventilation.

District Heating and Cooling
The University of Ottawa's campus utilizes a district heating and cooling loop. This means all the buildings are connected by tunnels underground that allows energy to be shared between the power plant and buildings.



TARGET: Reduce water consumption by 2% annually despite the growth of the campus.
PROGRESS: In 2013, consumption dropped by 4%.


Bottled Water Free Campus
In 2010, the University of Ottawa became the first bottled water free campus in Ontario. To learn more about this program, visit the Bottled Water Free Campus page.

Black Water Reuse
The University collects used water from its Aquatic Care Centre in order to reuse it to help heat and cool buildings on campus.

Low Flow Fixtures
Any new water fixtures installed on campus are low flow fixtures. These fixtures use significantly less water and are installed all over the campus (faucets, toilets, and urinals).

Storm Water Management
In order to reduce the University's impact on surrounding communities, uOttawa actively engages in bioswales to filter rainwater as well as rainwater collection.

Water Fountain Renewal
Every year, the University invests in improving and adding new fountains on campus. The objective of this renewal is to increase drinking water quality and accessibility.



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