A partial view of Tabaret's south entrance.
Tabaret: 2019 Construction

Facilities will be reroofing the centre wing, doing exploratory work, and restoring Tabaret’s entrance on Laurier Avenue.

Project Description

Several projects will begin at Tabaret this summer.

  1. Parts of the south portico (Laurier avenue entrance) will either be repaired, replaced or restored; this includes the stairs, landing, baluster, and various other heritage elements. The universal access ramp at the Laurier entrance will be replaced at the same time. The area will be inaccessible for the duration of the construction.
  2. The roof of the centre wing, or “C Block” will be replaced.
  3. Exploratory work will be performed in the courtyard and level 00 basement to inform future maintenance.


Why is this construction necessary?

Built over a century ago, Tabaret is a heritage building which must be carefully maintained and recent studies of the building revealed some areas are in need of attention.

  1. The Laurier entrance steps have suffered water damage and the accessible ramp beneath them needs to be replaced as well. We will make the most of these necessary repairs by replacing or restoring other heritage elements of the entrance at the same time.
  2. Reroofing is a routine step in the campus’ infrastructure renewal, usually undertaken towards the end of a roof’s recommended lifespan or when leaks are noticed. Though unglamorous, roofing projects are necessary to protect the University’s assets.
  3. Exploratory work is an important step in planning repairs as it allows us to take a peek inside areas of a building that can’t ordinarily be seen and evaluated, like between walls.
What’s happening at the Laurier avenue entrance specifically?

Other than general maintenance, the main elements of the portico construction are:

  • The replacement of a portion of the stairs
  • The addition of an accessible ramp that will extend alongside the building (Laurier Avenue side).
  • Maintenance on the entrance’s heritage elements: various pieces of masonry, decorative metals works and other finishes in and around the entrance will be carefully replaced or restored according to Tabaret’s status as a heritage building.
Where will we be able to go?

The Laurier entrance (south portico) of Tabaret will be inaccessible for the duration of the construction, from May to late 2018; it will be boarded up and protective scaffolding will be erected over the sidewalk. All other entrances will remain available, including the main entrance opposite the lawn, the entrance from the upper terrace, and the accessible entrance on Waller Street (across the street from Desmarais).

How do I get to Admissions or InfoService?

All other entrances will remain available, including the main entrance opposite the lawn, the entrance into Admissions from the upper terrace, and the accessible entrance on Waller Street (across the street from Desmarais).

The most direct route will be the entrance from the upper terrace behind Tabaret, which you can reach via the stairs near the Laurier and Waller intersection.

For an accessible route, please use the accessible entrance on Waller Street and take the elevator to level 1.

What are the accessible routes?

The accessible entrance on Laurier (beneath the south portico) will be closed for the duration of construction; the closest alternate accessible entrance is around the corner on Waller Street, on the west side of Tabaret across the street from the Desmarais building. Please see the illustration below.

To reach the elevator inside Tabaret:

  1. Use the Waller Street entrance;
  2. Turn right and go down the corridor to the lobby at the base of the main stairs;
  3. Turn right again (while facing the Human Resources office) and go down the hall towards the south wing;
  4. The elevator will be on your left-hand side opposite room L066.
What can we expect in terms of noise?

Given the nature of the projects and the materials that need to be replaced, construction will be noisy, unfortunately. Expect noise and vibrations from jackhammering and other heavy equipment.

When do you expect the construction to be completed?

The various projects will start and end at different times, but the bulk of the construction, the work on the Laurier entrance portico, will begin May 28th and is expected to continue late into 2018.

Project Team

  • Project Manager: Sylvio Miron
  • Design Team: EVOQ Architecture

Expected Disruptions

  • Accessibility
  • Dust
  • Noise
  • Pedestrians detours
  • Vibrations
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