The Faculty Wellness Program (FWP) assists trainees, students, and Faculty with access to family doctors. Included below are a list of resources available.

Student Health and Wellness Centre

Residents:  To access care at the University of Ottawa Student Health and Wellness Centre, you must pay a $30 ancillary health fee per semester.

The Student Health and Wellness Centre is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of health professionals, including physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, health promotion specialists (education), psychotherapists, a psychologist and psychiatrists working together in a shared care model.

These services are offered to all students:

  • Mental health services ((individual counseling, group psychotherapy, psychiatry)
  • Health visit/walk-in
  • Vaccination, injections, TB testing
  • Bloodwork
  • Prescription renewal
  • IUD consultation and insertion
  • Screening for communicable diseases. PAP test
  • Health education, promotion, and prevention on several topics

Booking instructions:

As of May 1, 2022, you can book your appointment with a health practitioner for the same day or the following day in the following 4 ways. Make sure to have your student card and health card handy.

  1. In person: at 801 King Edward, Room N203
  2. By phone: by calling 613-562-5498
  3. Online: by using the web portal and selecting "patient".
  4. On the app: by downloading the UpPatient app from Google Play Store or Apple Store. When you launch the app, you must search the "uOttawa | Centre de santé et mieux-être étudiant / Student Health and Wellness Centre", select it and create your account. For more information on how to create your account, consult the UpPatient Help article (in English only). Please note that the help features on the app are available in English only.

Remember to always have your health card (or your UHIP number if you’re an international student) and student card handy when booking and attending your appointment.

Apple Tree Medical Clinic

With just a few clicks you’ll be connected to an Appletree doctor via video or phone from the comfort of your home, school or office. Appletree’s Virtual Care is covered by OHIP.

Services Included:

  • Birth Control Renewals
  • STI Screening Tests
  • Prescription Renewals
  • Specialists Referrals
  • Female UTI's ( Urinary Infections)
  • Sick Notes ( Generic Email)
  • And many other conditions for patients aged 4+

Health Care Connect

Health Care Connect refers Ontarians who don't have a physician to a family health care provider who may be accepting new patients.

Click here for more information.

University of Ottawa Lifeworks - Virtual Health Services

LifeWorks, our Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provider, will be offering virtual health services to members of our community. These services are offered to all Faculty members, support staff, and members of the Association of Retirees and their eligible family members.

The new services will provide direct and speedy online access to general practitioners 24/7 without charge to the patient regardless of your province of residence.

Services included:

  • medical consultations,
  • assessments,
  • prescription renewals,
  • referrals to specialists
  • laboratory requisitions.

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Code 99 Program:

The Code 99 program facilitates Ottawa area physicians, and medical learners to obtain a Family Physician and access to healthcare.

How to Find Out More About Code 99?

The Faculty Wellness Program administers the Code 99 program and can provide confidential assistance. Reach out to [email protected] to learn more.

How Can You Become A Code 99 Physician?

We welcome the participation of any physicians (Family Physicians or Specialists) who wish to provide care to colleagues through Code 99, For additional information, please contact the Faculty Wellness Program at [email protected].