Our Clinical Faculty encompasses our clinicians who hold a primary appointment in one of the twelve (12) clinical departments.

Academic Requests

Please contact your Department Chair’s office for a copy of the documents required to submit your academic request.  All requests must be reviewed and approved by the Department Chair and supported by the DTPC.   

The Department will assist and ensure that your file is reviewed accordingly and submitted electronically for review and approval at the Faculty of Medicine.  Clinical academic requests are reviewed by one of the following committees. 

How to obtain your Faculty ID card

Faculty members are invited to contact or come by the Office of Faculty Affairs to have their picture taken for their Faculty ID card. The process takes 2 minutes.

The request is sent to the Human Resources office on Main Campus. On average it takes 10 to 15 days for the ID card to make its way back to the Faculty. Once the Office of Faculty Affairs is in receipt of the card, the member can come by and pick it up in person or it can be sent out in the mail.