University systems are different in the structure of their programs but also in the terms they use to describe them. Canada, like others, has its traditions and its vocabulary.

You will find in the Glossary, the definitions of terms commonly used in universities.

Image of graduate student

Graduated international student testimony

"Being an international student, I was a little skeptical when I came to Canada but the support from the staff like Sylvie Deblois (Graduate Studies Academic Administration Officer), Blanche Dinelle (Cellular and Molecular Medicine (CMM) Department Administrative Secretary) and all others was tremendous.

When I discuss my experience with international students in other Canadian universities, I realize how lucky I am. The Graduate Studies Office of the Faculty of Medicine is very helpful in assisting students with financial aid.

The staff at the Graduate Studies Office are very proactive in finding the academic potential of the students. The Faculty of Medicine provides a great exposure which helps to build a strong foundation. I am loving my stay in Ottawa."

- Kushal Gill, M.Sc.