The category of non-degree student is intended for those who wish to take certain graduate courses without intending to complete a graduate degree and without being subject to the requirements of a particular graduate program.

Non-degree students may enroll in graduate courses provided they obtain the approval of the academic unit concerned. They must comply with regulations pertaining to the courses for which they want to enrol, such as attendance requirements, assignments, examinations and passing grades.

Non-degree students may enroll for a maximum of two three-credit courses or the equivalent per term and will be enrolled on a part-time basis.

In the event that Non-degree students later apply for admission to a graduate degree program, they may request and, if the request is approved, receive credits for a maximum of two graduate three-credit courses, taken at the University of Ottawa or elsewhere, provided they meet the admission requirements.

Candidates who wish to take courses as Non-degree students with the Faculty of Medicine must have a minimum calculated average of 7.0 (B+ or 75%). Furthermore, they must have completed the prerequisites for the selected graduate course.

Non-degree students enrolment

For evaluation of your request for enrolment as a Non-degree students you must submit the following documents to the Faculty of Medicine Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office by email at [email protected]

Undergraduate non-degree students 

For students wishing to take undergraduate courses outside of the program, please consult Undergraduate Course Registration and follow-up with the relevant Faculty directly