The microprogram in Biomanufacturing offers a blend of theoretical insight and practical expertise in biomanufacturing principles and techniques.

For those looking to gain a foothold in this evolving field, this microprogram provides a solid foundation and a competitive advantage. It is more than a learning opportunity; it is a stepping-stone to a fulfilling career in the innovative world of biomanufacturing."

Program structure

Expected duration of the program: 2 terms; 8 consecutive months.

3 course units from:

  • BCH 5102 Principles of Biomanufacturing
  • MIC 5102 Principles of Biomanufacturing

3 course units from:

  • BCH 5103 Seminar in Biomanufacturing and Commercialization
  • MIC 5103 Seminar in Biomanufacturing and Commercialization

Note:  The Department may require students to complete additional courses, depending on their background.

Admission process

The registration process for a Microprogram depends on your student status.


Regardless of the student’s status, these requirements must be met:

  • Have a Bachelor of Sciences (BSc) degree with a specialization or major (or equivalent) in one of the following areas: biology, translational and molecular medicine, biochemistry, pharmacology, physiology, human kinetics (kinesiology), biopharmaceutical or biomedical sciences with a minimum average of 75% (B+)-

Note: International candidates must check the admission equivalencies for the diploma they received in their country of origin.

Before submitting an application, please consult our application deadlines for more information.

Submit an application

You must submit the following documents to the Faculty of Medicine's Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office by emailing at [email protected].

  • University level transcripts previous or current Ottawa students do not need to submit a transcript of their studies at the University of Ottawa
  • Letter of intent
  • CV

Language requirement

Applicants must be able to understand and fluently speak English. Proof of linguistic proficiency may be required. All courses in this program are offered in English.

Applicants whose first language is neither French nor English must provide proof of proficiency in the language of instruction.

Note: Candidates are responsible for any fees associated with the language tests.

For the tuition fees associated with this program, please visit this University fees page