Mandatory seminar course requirements for students in CMM and NSC Masters and PhD programs.
  • It is a continuous activity all CMM and NSC graduate students enrolled in a thesis-based program must attend as it is part of the graduate program requirements.
  • Compulsory for one year for all CMM and NCS students.
  • You must enroll to the seminar course for the first fall and winter term consecutively.

Note: NSC 8324S | NSC 8325S Course Requirements are located in the Brightspace class site that student will get automatic access to once they register for the class.

CMM 83241 and CMM 83242 | CMM 83251 and CMM 83252 Course Requirements

Presentation of one seminar and one poster required during the year as well as regular attendance at the departmental seminar series.

1. Seminar Attendance

  • You must attend 20 (twenty) seminars during the fall and winter terms to meet the requirement. 

    10 minutes for presentation

    5 minutes for questions

    5 minutes for submission of evaluation

  • You must track your attendance to seminars using the Student Seminar Report form (PDF) and submit it by email to the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office at [email protected] before April 30.
  • CMM and NSC Seminar Series Calendar.

2. Seminar & Poster Days Presentations

  • As part of the requirements of the Seminar Series, you must present during CMM/NSC Seminar and Poster Days.
  • Prizes for the best presentations are awarded to students.

Instructions on Poster and Seminar day