Here’s all the information you need to successfully complete your first two years of medical school.

2023-2024 Calendars

Your weekly curricular activities are categorized in the following manner:

  • Synchronous virtual session (lecture). Recording provided.
  • In-person session (lecture). Recording provided.
  • Asynchronous learning, online or pre-recorded.
  • Mandatory virtual synchronous longitudinal curriculum sessions. Not recorded.
  • Mandatory in-person sessions (SLM, PSD, SIM…). Not recorded.

Please refer to Elentra at any time for exact schedule.

Weekly timetable for 2023-2024

The schedules below are examples; it is understood that some weeks may differ.

Visit Elentra for exact schedule.

Calendar image

Recording of lectures

Most non-mandatory pre-clerkship lectures are recorded. Recordings are a supplemental service offered by the Faculty at the students’ request. They are meant to be an additional study tool and do not replace class attendance. Approved recordings are released within 48 hours following the lecture.

It is important to be aware that the recordings are not always available due to several factors beyond our control (e.g., teacher non-consent, technical difficulties).

Learning objectives

Explore the fundamental objectives by unit below.

Year 1

Year 2

Objectives Image


The individuals below are specialists dedicated to pre-clerkship student services. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

Marc Alain Bonenfant (He/Him)
Specialist, Academic Administration 
Academic services, Year 1 
Email: [email protected]

Michelle Centen (She/Her) 
Specialist, Academic Administration 
Academic services, Year 2 
Email: [email protected]