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Educational tools

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technological tools

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Health, safety and well-being

Accidents and injuries in a clinical setting

We are committed to creating a safe learning environment. However, even in the safest setting, it is crucial to know how to respond in the event of an accident.

If you are injured during a rotation, seek immediate help or medical attention.

Complete an incident or accident report as soon as possible thereafter.

Rights and recourse


The Faculty of Medicine is committed to maintaining a professional and respectful learning environment. We strongly believe that professionalism is an essential value in the medical field.

You may report an instance of unprofessionalism or mistreatment either as a witness or as a person directly involved in the situation by completing an Incident Report. Your report can be submitted anonymously. Reports involving a medical student are processed by the Undergraduate Medical Education Office.

Sexual violence: prevention and support

The University of Ottawa does not tolerate any form of sexual violence. Sexual violence refers to any act of a sexual nature committed without consent, such as sexual assault (including rape), sexual harassment or online harassment. To obtain information, confidential support, report an incident or file a complaint, visit the sexual violence page of the University of Ottawa’s Human Rights Office.