About the Centre

What is the Student Experience Centre?

The Student Experience Centre exists to help students in the Faculty of Social Sciences adjust to university life, succeed in their studies, and enrich their university life. Assistance depends on the needs of each student. All services are free.

How can mentors help me?

Academically, mentors can help you learn techniques for time management, effective reading and note taking, stress management, and exam preparation. Mentors are also able to help you prioritize and work towards your goals.

Professionally and personally, mentors can support you if you have doubts or concerns and can lend an ear when you need someone to talk to. They help you find answers to your questions, refer you to appropriate services or just share university experiences with you.

Do the mentors receive any training?

All mentors go through training at the beginning of each academic year. Throughout the year, they take part in workshops and courses to enable them to better help students.

What is the difference between mentoring and tutoring?

Mentors provide advice and guidance to help you achieve your academic goals, while tutors explain the subject matter covered in certain courses. Unlike tutors, mentors haven’t necessarily taken a course that you need help with and are thus unable to answer specific questions. If you need help with a particular class, don’t be afraid to contact your TA or your professor. The Peer Help Centre can also provide you with a list of tutors for various courses. Please note that the Mentoring Centre for the Faculty of Arts offers free tutoring for first-year Philosophy courses.

Are mentoring sessions confidential?

All individual Mentor-Mentee sessions are completely confidential. Students should feel free to talk about their personal issues and concerns in a secure, yet unrestrictive, environment.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Appointments are not necessary.

What should I bring with me when I visit the Student Experience Centre?

If you are having trouble with a certain assignment or course, it is helpful to bring the syllabus or assignment outline with you, as well as any work you have already done. It is also a good idea to bring your class and work schedules.

Can mentors edit my essay?

Mentors may look over your outline and read your introduction and conclusion paragraphs, but we do not read the entire essay, edit grammar and spelling, or change syntax. We suggest that students make an appointment at theAcademic Writing Help Centre (AWHC) if they are looking for help with written assignments. You will also find resources that will help you improve your writing.

Note that the software Antidote (writing assistance software) is available on the computers in Morriset library, the Academic Writing Help Centre, 2nd-floor computer labs in Vanier Building, in FSS 2010 and the computer lab in Montpetit 140. You can also request to have it installed on your computer by contacting Information Technology.

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