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Powerful proactive investments in education and research

Artist rendering of an outside view of new Faculty of Health Sciences building

A magnificent new campus along the banks of the Rideau River will become home for the Faculty of Health Sciences. This modern space will foster wellness, connection, and pride among students and personnel while encouraging innovative and experiential learning and research. The campus will unite students from nursing, nutrition sciences, and rehabilitation sciences, draw professors, researchers, personnel from all five schools of the Faculty, and offer an inspiring and welcoming home for all.

The new health sciences building

  • Modern: Innovation will permeate this building designed to teach and inspire future health professionals.
  • Inspirational: Beautiful spaces and surroundings foster wellness and pride, boosting student learning.
  • Sustainable: Designated LEED Platinum, Lees Campus will be one of Ottawa’s most sustainable buildings.

Today’s health sciences students will graduate into a very different health care landscape. Technology, data, care delivery models, and patient numbers will only continue to grow, and the Faculty of Health Sciences is committed to preparing our students for health care’s ever-evolving future. Through hands-on learning, our graduates will be completely comfortable with the tools and techniques of current and future health care settings. But they’ll also need the soft skills to know how best to integrate tools and techniques into compassionate patient care while working in an interprofessional team. Our new Faculty home is designed with the best possible student experience in mind. In its inspiring spaces, students will become agile, engaged, problem-solving professionals who can promote the power of prevention through healthy choices and compassionately care for the whole person—in any environment they’re faced with.

Christine Dallaire
Vice-Dean Academics

“Our new facility will let us raise those skills even higher by giving students opportunities for interdisciplinary group work in fully equipped clinical simulation settings.”

Christine Dallaire

— Vice-Dean Academics, Faculty of Health Sciences

Health research is a major driver for uOttawa. As we know, health and education are the two equalizers in life. To help meet the needs of groups with unequal access to health and care such as Indigenous people, the Faculty of Health Sciences focuses on the social determinants of health, improved access, and prevention. Our new research strategic plan is focused on healthy people, systems, and workforce, and we’ve invested extensively in research across the University to boost relevance, excellence, and impact. Our new Campus is fundamental to uOttawa’s vision of becoming a world leader in health sciences research. Our co-located and collaborative new lab spaces are designed to drive cutting edge investigation, invite partnerships, foster multidisciplinary collaboration, and fuel new ideas. With a focus on Indigenous, women’s, and mental health, we will catalyze revolutionary advances in global health, wellness, and care.

Michelle Lamont

“It means so much to me to be part of this community led by the best of the best professors and researchers as we build this hopeful, creative hub for health innovation and research”

Michelle Lamont

— Doctoral Student, School of Nursing

Fuel research and innovation

Help us inspire the next generation of knowledge creators, supporting breakthroughs that will increase the speed of discovery from bench to bedside care. Together, we will move the needle on our biggest health challenges.

Artist rendering of outdoor space at the new Faculty of Health Sciences building

Drive educational excellence

Help us develop tomorrow’s health care professionals: highly skilled providers of innovative and compassionate care who will help improve lives and health.

Artist rendering of Social Heart from spine in new Faculty of Health Sciences building

Invest in a sustainable new Campus

Help build this modern LEED Platinum facility that will foster innovations in teaching, learning, and research while cutting emissions through a much-reduced carbon footprint.

Artist rendering of outside entrance of new Faculty of Health Sciences Building
Lucie Thibault

“This state-of-the-art, beautiful and long-awaited facility will unite our Schools of Nursing, Nutrition Sciences, and Rehabilitation Sciences.”

Lucie Thibault

— Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences

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