You need a valid library card to borrow materials. Privileges vary according to member type.

Borrowing types

pickup book

Place a hold (formerly contactless pickup)

No time to browse? No problem. Pick up your requested book at your preferred library location.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan (ILL)

You can request shared physical resources quickly and easily from across all 18 Omni partner institutions, a collection of nearly 25.3 million resources.

Illustration of someone receiving a package at home.

Home delivery service

The Home Delivery service is free and is available for books in the general collection and for those at the Annex. This service is offered to faculty, students, post-doctoral fellows, affiliated researchers, staff, and alumni. The home delivery service is available only in Canada (outside the Ottawa/Gatineau region).

Borrowing privileges

Privileges and loan periods

Member type Loan period (days) Number of items Renewals
Undergraduates 120 500 Unlimited
Graduates 120 500 Unlimited
Professors 120 500 Unlimited
Research assistants 120 500 Unlimited
Employees 120 500 Unlimited
Alumni 28 50 12
Others1 28 15 2
Visitors 28 15 2
SmartLibrary2 28 15 2

1. Canadian university students, professors or employees. Consult the Canadian University Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement.
2. Learn more about SmartLibrary.


  • Periodicals, law reports and games can normally be borrowed for 14 days with 2 renewals.
  • You may borrow most media (DVD, CD, etc.) and equipment for 14 days with 2 renewals. 
  • Multimedia equipment from the Learning Crossroads (2nd floor) can be borrowed for 7 days with 2 renewals. Loans are limited to current students, faculty, and employees.

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