Visiting Research Students (VRS) are external students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at an international or Canadian university who are coming to the University of Ottawa to conduct research activities under the supervision of a full-time faculty member. Visiting Research Students are not entitled to the conferring of a degree from the University of Ottawa, nor do they pay tuition fees.


A research internship provides undergraduate or graduate students with the opportunity to develop their research skills under the supervision of a full-time University of Ottawa faculty member.

NOTE: Candidates interested in becoming a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Ottawa must follow this registration procedure.


A Visiting Research Student internship must constitute a minimum of 280 hours1, and the stay in Canada can not exceed 12 months in duration. A non-credit course code is granted, denoting full-time enrollment in research at the University of Ottawa. Visiting Research Students are required to maintain registration at their home university for the duration of their research internship at the University of Ottawa.

Both the supervisor and the Visiting Research Student are required to ensure that the research internship follows ethics regulations and animal care as applicable, that appropriate training is provided, according to the specifics of the research project (e.g. lab safety training, hazardous materials, animal care), and that the Visiting Research Student will have appropriate supervision while using university facilities and equipment.

1 Visiting Research Students who plan a research project of less than 280 hours are not eligible to enroll at the University of Ottawa and do not need to follow the registration procedure described below under Step 2. Such Visiting Research Students are still required to follow the ethics and training regulations mentioned below and should contact their prospective host supervisors with any questions before their visit.


All research internships begin with a key relationship. It is the responsibility of a prospective Visiting Research Student to identify a qualified supervisor working in a research area related to their interest and who is willing to commit the time and energy required for supervision.


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For issues or questions not answered in the above procedure and that cannot be resolved by the University of Ottawa supervisor and other university resources, contact [email protected]