Visiting research students interested in coming to the University of Ottawa must confirm their eligibility and submit a completed application package to IREX a minimum of five weeks before their intended date of arrival. Step-by-step instructions are provided below.


The Procedure for Visiting Research Students has been put in place to assist students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at an international or Canadian university who come to the University of Ottawa to conduct research activities under the supervision of a full-time faculty member.

Visiting research students are not entitled to the conferring of a degree from the University of Ottawa, nor do they pay tuition fees.


  • Candidates interested in becoming a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Ottawa must follow this registration procedure.
  • Please note that the Visiting Research Student procedure is aimed at registering students for their research stay at University of Ottawa. We do not provide direct assistance with scholarship applications.

A visiting research student's research project must constitute a minimum of 280 hours1 (approximately two months), and the stay in Canada cannot exceed 12 months. A non-credit course code is granted, denoting a full-time research visit at the University of Ottawa. Visiting research students are required to maintain registration at their home university for the duration of their research internship at the University of Ottawa.

It is the responsibility of a prospective visiting research student to identify a qualified supervisor working in a research area related to their interest who is willing to commit the time and energy required for supervision.

Both the supervisor and the visiting research student must ensure that the research internship follows ethics regulations and animal care guidelines as applicable; that appropriate training is provided, according to the specifics of the research project (e.g. lab safety training, hazardous materials, animal care); and that the visiting research student will have appropriate supervision while using university facilities and equipment.

1 Students whose research projects fall under the minimum of 280 hours are not eligible to enroll at the University of Ottawa as visiting research students.

Important updates to the Procedure for Visiting Research Students

  • Due to changes currently being made to immigration by the Government of Canada: until further notice, the University of Ottawa will not be accepting international undergraduate students for visits greater than six months or who apply for a Canadian Study Permit. For visits between two-to-six months, international undergraduate students may still be eligible by applying for Electronic Travel Authorizations (eTAs) and Visitor Visas. Note: International undergraduate students already in Canada on a Study Permit remain eligible to come to the University of Ottawa as visiting research students. 
  • All prospective visiting research students must provide proof of enrolment at their home institution as part of the application.
  • All prospective visiting research students must pay an application fee of $315. This fee must be paid through the uOttawa eStore and an email must be sent to [email protected] to confirm the completed payment.
  • Visiting research students will be contacted by email when their University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) cards are ready to be picked up. Payment must be made at the time of pickup, within one week of being contacted. UHIP cards can be paid for and picked up at the Human Resources reception desk (Tabaret Hall, Room 019, basement level). 

DO NOT pay for UHIP online or at InfoService - doing so will cause delays.


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For issues or questions not answered in the above procedure and that cannot be resolved by the University of Ottawa supervisor and other university resources, contact [email protected]