Mayer Group summer 2022 photo

Mayer Group Summer 2022. Includes students from the Hydrosol Project

In the Mass Spectrometry Facility, we generate hydrosol from microwave, hydro and steam distillation processes. We analyze and compare the compounds from each process using Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry.

Hydrosol Project

Hydrosols are sometimes referred to as floral waters or hydrolates; they are the aromatic waters left over after steam or hydro distillation. Traditionally the essential oils that are extracted at the same time as the hydrosol have been considered the primary product and the hydrosol just a by-product. They contain the volatile water-soluble components of plant material. Their properties and uses are expanding, as more are created, studied, and analyzed. At present they are used in beauty products, perfumes and for therapeutics.

lemonbalm in a bowl