This section describes the financial management of a research project. Once all the documentation is in place, funds can be released and research can start!

Researchers at the University of Ottawa have certain responsibilities when it comes to managing funding, such as:

  • Ensuring that the quality of the research meets the standards set by the sponsor.
  • Authorizing expenses attributable to the account (also known as account number or FOAP).
  • Ensuring expenses meet the sponsor’s guidelines and are attributed to the correct account or cost centre.

For delegating of signing authority, contact Research, Trust, and Endowments at Financial Resources.

For more information about the post-award process, related forms and systems used to administer research funding, purchase material and equipment, hire human resources, see the Researcher’s Toolbox on Virtuo (uOttawa login required).

Note: If researchers have any questions regarding the management of their project, their first point of contact should always be their faculty research administrator.

Types of research accounts

The University of Ottawa has three types of research accounts:

  • External: for all awards received from the Tri-Agencies, contracts, sponsors, donors and all other external agencies.
  • Internal: for all University of Ottawa funds, faculty funds including startup funding, and for research development programs.
  • General: to hold residual funds from a research contract, honoraria from research contracts, administrative supplements, and small donations.

Financial administration

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RMS directory

Research advisors

Be sure to contact your Faculty’s Research Advisors! They are a great resource and will help guide you in the administrative process of getting funding for your research. Check out your faculty’s homepage to find out more.