This section describes the process to access awarded funds and start the research.

Receive award

Congratulations! Your grant application received funding!

RMS manages the post-award process for the majority of external agency funded grants and contracts. When a notice of decision (NOD) from the funding agency is received, by the PI or Financial Resources, email RMS the NOD. Provided that RMS has already received the complete file, which includes the RE form, application proposal, budget and required certifications, we will proceed to the research account creation and processing.

Once the research account is opened by RMS, an internal NOD email is sent from RMS to the researcher and to the appropriate faculty or finance staff. This NOD will inform you of the number of the account into which your funds will be deposited, the award information and yearly financial breakdown, as well as any certification requirements. The NOD also serves to alert Financial Resources to activate the included account number and deposit the awarded funds upon reception.


Research involving human subjects, animals or biohazard materials.

Depending on the nature of the project, certification may be needed before funds are released. Compliance applies to both grants and contracts. It is the researcher’s responsibility to obtain all required certification from uOttawa prior to starting a research project.

For more information about the certification process, related forms and systems used to submit a request for certification, consult the “Ethics and integrity” section in the Researcher’s Toolbox on VirtuO (uOttawa log-in required).

Researchers should be aware of the timelines, which includes taking note of and meeting submission dates, in getting their research proposal reviewed by the:

For projects requiring review by the Research Ethics Board (REB), a researcher can request the release of partial funds to support activities that do not involve humans, their data or human biological materials, prior to receiving approval by the REB. To do so, the researcher must complete form 1B (PDF, 150 KB) (provided in the notice of decision sent from RMS) and submit a signed copy to their faculty’s designated grant officer.

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Research advisors

Be sure to contact your Faculty’s Research Advisors! They are a great resource and will help guide you in the administrative process of getting funding for your research. Check out your faculty’s homepage to find out more.