This section provides detailed information in regards to the various policies and regulations that play a role in the conduct of research.

uOttawa Guide on the Management of Research Expenditures

Compliance with the Tri-agency Guide on Financial Administration (latest version April 1, 2022) is required for all grants funded by the Tri-agency (CIHR, NSERC and/or SSHRC). This section provides guidance to uOttawa researchers on complying with the Tri-agency Guide and uOttawa’s institutional policies on research expenditures. These guidelines also help the University meet its obligations to additional diverse research funders. These uOttawa guidelines should be referred to when assessing if an expenditure is an appropriate use of grant funds.

 The guidelines apply to all research funds held at the University, including:

  • Tri-agency Funds;
  • General research Funds;
  • University of Ottawa Research Funds;
  • All other funding sources, unless the funder allows more or less flexibility.

The Four Principles Governing the Appropriate Use of Grant Funds

Appropriate Use of Grant Funds – Triagency guidelines and uOttawa policies

Process for resolving differences on expense admissibility

After consulting the University of Ottawa Guidelines on the Management of Research Expenditures, if a Researcher or Administrator is uncertain if an expenditure aligns with the four principles or a University of Ottawa policy then follow the steps outlined below. Note: An issue could be resolved at any step throughout the process. Most issues should be resolved at step 1. If there are any unresolved issues, follow the next steps as needed.

  1. If a Researcher is unsure how an expenditure aligns with the four principles or a University policy, he/she should consult their Faculty Research Administrator.
  2. If a Faculty Research Administrator has a question on how an expenditure aligns with the four principles or a University policy, he/she must approach the Researcher to discuss how the expense contributes to the advancement of the project.
  3. After having consulted with a Researcher, if a Faculty Research Administrator continues to be uncertain if an expenditure aligns with the four principles or a University policy, then the Research Administrator must consult with the faculty Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). The CAO may approach the Faculty Vice-Dean, Research (VDR) for review and discussion.
  4. If the CAO and VDR are uncertain on how an expenditure aligns with the four principles or a University policy, then the faculty must approach Research Management Services and Financial Resources for the final decision.

Additional policies

The University of Ottawa policies are guiding principles or broad statements on courses of action to be consistently followed under specific conditions. Exceptions require the prior consent of an approving authority, very often the Administrative Committee.

Policy 48 defines the regulations regarding grants, research contracts and service contracts administered by the University of Ottawa.

Policy 85 defines conditions in which over expenditures may be authorized.

Policy 47 defines the working conditions for contractual staff paid from grants and external contracts. This policy does not apply to Postdoctoral Fellows nor to any employee who is a member of a recognized bargaining unit at the University of Ottawa.  

Consultation of policies related to the following is particularly recommended:

Regulations in research


Researchers have full responsibility for conceptualization, scholarly conduct and overall sound scholarly and financial management of a project. However, effective administration of research funding, in compliance with all administrative, financial management and regulatory requirements, clearly goes beyond the expertise of any single individual. For researchers to conduct their work and meet their obligations as scholarly leaders and managers, they must rely on a variety of administrative supports and information systems provided through the University.

In broad terms, the operational management of research is highly decentralized at the University of Ottawa, with the great majority of administrative transactions being handled at the departmental, faculty or institute level. Other services are provided centrally, such as research contract negotiation, approval of account openings and fund advances, certain purchasing services, financial reporting and regulatory compliance programs. All must work seamlessly together if we are to meet our collective responsibilities to our researchers and research sponsors.

For more details on the roles and responsibilities of units, teams and individuals involved in the administration of our research funding (researchers, faculties, Office of the Vice-President Research and Innovation, Financial Resources, Procurement, and Human Resources), log into Virtuo (login required).

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Research advisors

Be sure to contact your Faculty’s Research Advisors! They are a great resource and will help guide you in the administrative process of getting funding for your research. Check out your faculty’s homepage to find out more.