The goal of the French Immersion Stream is to allow you to develop an advanced level of French in your field of study.

Conditions for receiving a diploma with a "French Immersion" designation

You must meet the following requirements to receive a designation of “French Immersion” on your diploma:

  1. Complete the requirements of a program of study which offers the French Immersion Stream.
  2. Complete at least 14 courses (42 units)* taught in French, including:
    • A minimum of 2 courses (6 units) at the 1000 level, other than FLS;
    • A maximum of 4 courses (12 units) for accompanying courses (FLS 2581, FLS 3581, FLS 4581, FLS 4781), of which a maximum of 2 courses (6 units) for FLS 2581;
    • A minimum of 2 courses (6 units) at the 3000 or 4000 level, other than FLS.

Students in the Nursing program must complete 12 courses (36 units) taught in French, and meet the other requirements.

3. Pass the course FLS 3500, the Second Language Certification Test. This course does not earn any university units (except for students at the Telfer School of Management).

The French Immersion Stream requirements are different from the Financial Aid and Awards requirements:

  • Canadian students: if you are receiving the French Studies Bursary, consult Financial Aid and Awards to take notice of their requirements.
  • International students with differential tuition fee exemption: consult university fees to take notice of the requirements.

FLS3500 – Second Language Certification

Before you graduate, you must pass the Second Language Certification test (FLS3500). Your results determine if your French has reached an acceptable level for graduating with a "French Immersion" diploma. The Second Language Certification test is part of the FLS 3500 course. This is primarily an independent-learning course that prepares you for the test. It does not earn any university credits (except for students in the Telfer School of Management). The test is administered twice a year, during a weekend. After having written your test, you will receive a "pass" or "continuing" grade, which will not affect your GPA. You can re-take the FLS3500 a maximum of four times before passing. We strongly recommend you enrol in this course during your third year of study.
Learn more about the course and associated test