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Support and resources

Resources to help you improve your French.

Academic support

Students should know that they are not without guidance or assistance at the University. There are many resources they can utilize to help them both through the transition from high school to university through their entire studies. Most services on campus are free – so students simply need to book an appointment!

For any concerns related to French Immersion, students should contact our student mentors or our Retention officer! More academic-based concerns, such as writing or speaking in French, students should consider visiting the Academic Writing Help Centre or attending Conversation workshops. For those in need of honing their French skills independently of any course, the Julien Couture Resource Centre is the place to start!

If students have program-specific questions they should consult the academic personnel in their Faculty.

Writing a university essay is daunting. And writing one in French is even more daunting, with its many grammatical rules and obscure verb tenses. Have you ever wondered what exactly subjonctif du passé does?!

If you want to develop essay skills in French or English, you should definitely check out academic writing help!

In one-on-one meetings with students, writing advisors:

  • Help the development of university-level writing skills
  • Create personalized lessons to help students improve upon their weaknesses
  • Review grammatical concepts with students
  • Guide students through any writing assignment from the initial outline to the final draft

An added bonus of the AWHC is that you can also use one of their computers loaded with Antidote - a program that helps to correct French spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. It's like a spellchecker on steroids!

For French Immersion and Extended French students, they have the benefit of their own writing advisor Bruno Cyr!

Another invaluable resource for students are the academic advisors in their faculty. These advisors are well-versed in the programs in their faculty and they can also provide students with better course recommendations. Academic advisors are also familiar with many advanced-level graduate or professional programs, so they will be able to guide students into meeting the prerequisites and admissions criteria for their future studies.

However, if you ever have any questions about French Immersion – we’re still the best!

Resources to improve your French

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How to improve your French

Learning a language is hard; maintaining it is just as difficult and needs a lot of will. Your French professors are right when they say that if you don't use your French, you will lose it. Keep practicing!
Tips on how to improve your French