A truly bilingual experience. The University of Ottawa French Immersion Stream is designed for Anglophone and Allophone students who wish to pursue part of their university studies in French.

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Sophie Renaud


Studying in French, indeed French itself, is very important for me because it gives me a sense of identity. I’m proud to be Franco-Ontarian and proud of all the challenges we’ve overcome as Franco-Ontarians (especially Regulation 17!).

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Learning French is important to me because as a Canadian I want to be able to know and speak both official languages of my country. In addition, learning French would help me in my career and when I travel to countries such as France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and even to Quebec I will be able to communicate with the locals.

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Hi! I’m a grad student in ergothérapie – I grew up in Montreal and came to uOttawa to challenge myself (as my mother tongue is English) and I wanted to make sure I can one day treat my clients in their language of choice J Whether I end up working in Montreal or Ottawa, bilingualism is not only important to keep my doors open – but to always make sure I am communicating with my clients in the language they are most comfortable in.



Studying at uOttawa in French not only gives me a competitive edge in the workplace, but helps further improve my reading and writing skills in both official languages. Additionally - studying in French means that I can continue to build my sense of belonging in the francophone community!

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I’m from Montreal, and my mother tongue is French.  Being bilingual is what I’m most proud of. I’ve always wanted to study in a city other than my hometown, and knowing that at the University of Ottawa I could study in my two languages, my choice was made right away. Especially since my program (nutrition sciences) is only offered in French. I love living in an English-speaking (mainly bilingual) milieu.



Learning French, especially for non-French speakers opens up more opportunities career-wise and you can also make a whole set of new friends who speak the language!

What if French immersion isn't right for you?

If you are interested in a program not on this list—or if you like the idea of studying partially in French but the immersion option doesn’t seem right for you—don’t worry: we have many opportunities for students to learn in both official languages.

Any student may take:

For guidance in choosing alternatives to French immersion, please contact us.