New students

In order to be able to access the Enrol application in uoZone as soon as your enrolment period starts, you must have accepted your offer of admission at least two working days before the enrolment date assigned to you. Log into your uoZone account and accept your offer before the deadline indicated on your offer of admission.

Important dates and deadlines

Please consult the Important academic dates and deadline page for graduate studies.

Who has to enrol?

You must register for each term if:

  • You wish to take some courses;
  • You are working on your comprehensive examination, your thesis or research paper.

By registering to your courses or activities, you are ensuring that you receive the units (credits) you are entitled to and which are required to obtain your diploma.


All graduate students can register online, except if:
  • You wish to register in a qualifying program.
  • You wish to take additional courses in your program or outside your program.
  • You are a special student.
  • Your offer of admission contained conditions needing to be fulfilled prior to the first registration in the program.

If applicable, please refer to your academic unit

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