Bicycle parking at uOttawa is only authorized at bike racks and secured bicycle enclosures.


Bicycle parking at uOttawa is ONLY authorized at bike racks and secured bicycle enclosures. Any bicycle not parked in such an area, or which is parked inside a building in an area not specifically designated for the purpose of bicycle storage, is considered illegally parked and subject to removal (see "Removal" below).

All bicycle parts or locks not secured in designated bicycle parking areas are considered improperly secured and are subject to removal (see "Removal" below).

Abandoned bicycles, parts or locks

A bicycle, part or lock is deemed to be abandoned by the owner if it has been:

  1. Left unsecured
  2. Left in a state in which it would be unsafe to ride
  3. Left in the same location for more than 7 consecutive days

Item "C” does not apply to those who pay for a long term bicycle storage within designated residences.

All abandoned bicycles, parts or locks are subject to removal (see section 3 below).


Immediate removal without warning may be considered if the bicycle, part or lock:

  1. Is a hazard or safety concern
  2. Is blocking any path of travel or building access
  3. Is found inside a uOttawa building (excluding residence bike storage)
  4. Impedes on snow removal or any urgent maintenance operation
  5. Is parked where signage posted indicates no bicycle parking

All other bicycles, parts or locks will be removed after a warning has been posted for a minimum of 3 calendar days.

Identification and removal of bicycles that appear abandoned occurs occasionally throughout the year, generally in fall and spring. Due to the number of removals during these sweeps, bicycles are sent directly to Ottawa Police.

All other removed bicycles will be kept in storage and in due course will be sent to Ottawa Police Evidence Control Services.  If your bicycle has been removed, please first enquire at Protection Services 613-562-5499 to see if we still have your bicycle on the premises.

In order to release a bicycle, Protection Services will require that you present a valid photo I.D. and proof of ownership.

If your bike has already been sent to the Police, its retrieval is made by appointment only by phoning (613) 236-1222, extension 5238 or emailing [email protected]

How to collect your property.


The University of Ottawa and its employees will assume no responsibility for any damage to or theft of bicycles or bicycle parts on campus, including damages to either bicycle or lock resulting from its removal by staff.