Permit holders must ensure that their permit is visible at all times. Hang permit face forward, from rearview mirror or display face up on driver’s side of dash. The permit number must be visible from outside the vehicle.

Parking regulations

Cancellation, reimbursement and payroll deductions

Annual parking permit

In order to cancel your parking permit, you must return your permit, in person, to the Parking and Sustainable Transportation Office.

Short-term permits are non-refundable (3 months or less). For any other parking permit, a reimbursement will be given if the cancellation is done within the allotted time.

Final date for refunds:

  • Full year (May - April): February 1st
  • Academic year (September - April): February 15th
  • Session:
    • Fall (September - December): October 15th
    • Winter (December - January): February 15th
    • Spring-Summer (May - August): June 15th

Refunds by (Visa/Mastercard & Debit)

Multiyear parking permit

To cancel your multiyear permit you must return your permit, in person, to the Parking and Sustainable Transportation Office. (Please see Payroll Cancellation)

You can cancel your multiyear permit at any time. However, the payroll deduction can only be stopped for a mid-month pay date or for the last pay date of the month.

Accessible Parking Permit

Person with reduced mobility (parking permit from the Ministry of Transportation).


The University of Ottawa is a private property. Therefore, persons holding an Accessible Parking Permit issued by the Ministry of Transportation must pay to park on the University of Ottawa campus. For more information, please refer to our daily rates.

Permit holder

If you are a member of the University of Ottawa community you can purchase a parking permit that allows you to park in the designated area identified with the accessible parking pictogram. To do so, you must present your Ministry of Transportation Accessible Parking Permit to the parking office, when you apply for and pick up your University of Ottawa permit.

By displaying your University of Ottawa Parking Permit and your Accessible Parking Permit from the MTO, you have access to any exterior parking lot.

Temporary parking permit (with medical note)

Students, faculty and staff who are parking permit holders and have special needs for a definite period of time must provide a medical note to Academic Support (students) or Human Resources (employees), who will make arrangements with the Parking and Sustainable Transportation Office.

Please note that the temporary parking accomodation allows for closer parking for a duration of up to three months. If you require accessible parking for a period exceeding three months, you must provide a Ministry of Transportation Accessible Parking Permit.


Please note that parking lots C and K are reserved for permit holders between 07:00 and 15:00, from Monday to Friday. These parking lots are therefore not available to visitors during those times.

Parking meters are in operation 24 hours.

Please note that daily parking fees are non-refundable.


Permit holders

The University of Ottawa has assigned parking spaces designated for motorcycles. They are located in various lots on the Main campus ( K, P, Z and Mann garage).

There are no designated parking spaces for motorcycles at the Roger Guindon, the Alta Vista campuses or at 200 Lees Avenue. However, with a valid permit, you can park at these locations, in any regular parking space.


Visitors may park their motorcycles on the Main campus, at the 200 Lees Ave. and the Roger Guindon and Alta Vista lots.

Please refer to the daily rates for these locations.

Where to place the permit?

Where the permit is placed on the motorcycle is at the driver’s discretion as long as it is visible at all times.

Do not hesitate to contact the Parking, Traffic and Sustainable Transportation Office for further information: [email protected]

Parking Infraction Notice

Parking infraction notice and appealing a parking infraction notice.

Temporary change

The Parking Office reserves the right to temporarily modify the parking rules and regulations for special events.


Anyone who alters or fraudulently uses a University of Ottawa parking permit is liable to a fine and may lose parking privileges.


The Parking Office assumes no responsibility for damage to, or theft of, vehicles and contents on campus.

Lost or stolen permits

Anyone who declares their permit lost or stolen must pay the replacement fee.

Resale and transfer

Parking permits are the property of the University of Ottawa and can only be sold or transferred by the Parking and Sustainable Transportation Office. 

Snow removal

Snow removal regulations are in effect from November 15th until April 15th. There is therefore no parking in exterior lots between 11 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. 

Should you have any questions, please contact the Parking Office at 613-562-5800, extension 3807 or [email protected]