Former president Donald Trump's guilty verdict and its consequences

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Graphic of Trump behind prison bars
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Former president Donald Trump's guilty verdict and its consequences

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Nomi Clare Lazar (English only)

Full Professor, Public and International Affairs, Faculty of Social Sciences, and the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs.

[email protected] 

Professor Lazar’s expertise includes state crises, criminal law policy and apocalyptic politics.

“The winner here is the rule of law. Trump claimed he could 'stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody' without losing a voter. But a jury of his peers has said NO. They've shown the law still applies to one and all in America.”


Errol Mendes (English only)

Full Professor, Faculty of Law - Common Law Section

[email protected]

Professor Mendes can speak to the importance of the rule of law and judicial independence as a fundamental principle of all truly democratic societies.

"This judgment is putting the entire judicial and political system on trial about whether top leaders and Trump followers and, the Republican Party,  are willing to abide by the rule of law or willing to take the U.S. into a non-democratic autocracy."