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  • Jean Quirion (associate professor in the School of Translation and Interpretation, Faculty of Arts) is the first-ever Prof-in-Residence at the Centre for Academic Leadership. Jean was selected to work alongside Françoise to coach, mentor and advise faculty members as well as create and deliver exciting programs and workshops. 
  • The guide for Department Chairs is available on-line.  We have included essential information as well as valuable tips and advice.  Browse through it now.   

Take note

  • A word used in the feminine gender shall include both genders and vice-versa. Words such as chair shall designate the person, male or female, in the indicated position or role. These interpretations shall be deemed to apply in their necessary grammatical forms and usages.
  • Unless otherwise specified, please note that all our activities are offered in the bilingual format, meaning the presentation will alternate between French and English (note, not everything is repeated in the other language). Handouts provided by the presenters are typically offered in French and English, and participants can interact in the language of their choice.

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently offering our workshops online.


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