Important processes

2.9 Annual Review

Each faculty member shall complete an annual report – a yearly review and summary of their workload activities – upon the completion of any given academic year which shall be reviewed annually by the Dean. The annual report shall be submitted, in writing, to the Dean between April 1st and June 1st and shall include the following information:

  • Curriculum Vitae in OCGS format, or an equivalent containing the same information;
  • Academic service activities completed;
  • Whether she intends to apply for promotion and/or tenure in the coming academic year;
  • Names of potential external evaluators, as applicable;
  • Any forecasted scholarly activities for the coming academic year;
  • Any other information or documentation that the faculty member deems pertinent.

Copies of annual reports and A-reports for all professors of your department are forwarded to you from the Dean; in consultation with the DTPC, you shall consider the reports and then return them to the Dean. On the basis of your consideration, you may wish to call a professor's, and/or the Dean's, attention to certain positive or negative aspects of the professor's performance. You may communicate with the professor orally, or in writing with or without copies to the Dean and the member's file.

When assessing a professor’s performance in any given year, you must conduct your assessment in light of the professor’s performance during a period of several academic years prior to the year in question. Should you choose to conduct your assessment orally, it is strongly encouraged that you keep a documented record of the conversation so that you can clearly refer back to the discussion at a later date, if needed.

You may also provide to the Dean any additional documentation you deem relevant for the purpose and the annual review, provided that this documentation has been shown to the professor.

You can find more information about the annual reviews in article 23.2.2 of the APUO Collective Agreement.

As Chair, it is recommended that you review each professor’s performance on an annual basis. Doing so will provide you with the opportunity to address any performance related problems or deficiencies through in-person discussion. Following any such discussions, it is strongly encouraged that you create a documented record of the conversation - noting any performance problems or deficiencies, and also any measures being taken by the professor to correct these – as this will serve to create a formally documented record of the problem should you need to bring it to the attention of the Dean.

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