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2.4 Cross-Appointments

A faculty member’s primary appointment is their home department; a cross-appointment represents a secondary appointment and department. A cross-appointment reflects a faculty member’s active and substantial involvement in the teaching, research, development of academic programs, or supervision of graduate students, in more than one department. It is important to remember that faculty members are eligible for cross-appointments, not entitled to them, and therefore acceptable contributions must be made to the secondary department in order for the cross-appointment to be maintained and renewed.

When granted, a cross-appointment shall be for a term not exceeding 5 years and is renewable. During the period of a cross-appointment, a faculty member's academic rank in the both their primary department and in the secondary department(s) shall be the same.

As Chair, when a faculty member requests a cross-appointment, you must establish an agreement with the Chair of the other departments concerned as to: (a) the percentage of time/workload that the faculty member will give up from their home department; and (b) the work that will be performed in the secondary department to support the cross-appointment. On average, cross-appointments are a commitment of 15% of a faculty member’s workload.

Once this agreement is established, the decision regarding a faculty member's application for cross-appointment is made by the Deans of the faculties concerned after receiving recommendations from all concerned DTPCs, Chairs, and FTPCs.

Before making your recommendation concerning the renewal of a faculty member’s cross-appointment, her contributions to the secondary department should be assessed to determine whether she fulfilled the contributions as described at the time of initial appointment, and if no – were their reasonable factors which prevented it.

You can find more information about cross-appointments in article 17.4 of the APUO Collective Agreement.

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