Important processes

2.6 DTPC and Chair’s role in this Committee

The Department Chair is a non-voting member and chair of the Departmental Teaching Personnel Committee (DTPC). The Chair’s role is to help facilitate the discussions and ensure the files presented are given proper consideration in accordance with the provisions of the APUO Collective Agreement.

The Chair does not vote on any files that are considered by the DTPC, even in the case of a tie. Rather, the Chair may make their own recommendation, in addition to the recommendation provided by the DTPC, which is then forwarded to the Dean and the Faculty Teaching Personnel Committee (FTPC). When a Chair chooses to make an additional recommendation, they must inform the DTPC and the faculty member concerned.

In some departments, the faculty members may vote to not have a DTPC.  If this is the case in your department, the DTPC’s responsibilities fall on to you as Chair.

The DTPC is responsible for activities including:

  • Make recommendations on matters concerning faculty members which are entrusted to it by the APUO Collective Agreement, when these matters are referred to it by the Dean;
  • Give advice to the Department Chair concerning teaching loads;
  • Give advice on any other matter, regardless of whether it is or is not provided for in the APUO Collective Agreement, regarding which the Dean requests the committee's opinion;
  • Make recommendations and give advice in accordance with the APUO Collective Agreement, with the aim of maintaining, within the department, appropriate standards for teaching and research, literary or artistic creation, or professional activities.

An annual workshop on the Collective Agreement, specifically designed for chairs and other members of the DTPC, is delivered jointly by the APUO and the University. This workshop focuses on the DTPC’s responsibilities and important processes, including:

  • Making recommendations;
  • Evaluation of teaching materials;
  • Assessment of scholarly and service activities;
  • Contract renewals;
  • Tenure and promotion;
  • Academic leave.

You can find more information about the DTPC and the Chair’s role in this committee in article 15 of the APUO Collective Agreement.

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