Important processes

2.12 Role of Non-tenure-track Positions

A department is made up of more than the regular faculty members and the administrative staff – the part-time professors and the research and teaching assistants (RAs and TAs) play an important part in the life of the department. As Chair, you have the responsibility to hire all part-time professors under the APTPUO Collective Agreement  and all TAs and RAs who are governed by the CUPE 2626 Collective Agreement.

The department’s administrative staff and colleagues will, most likely, have had experience in the process for hiring part-time professors; the Office of the Associate Vice-President, Faculty Relations can also provide support. If the process and the collective agreement are foreign to you, one of the Senior Advisors at Faculty Relations can offer support. 

You can find more information in the APUO Collective Agreement regarding other non-tenure-track nominations such as for an Adjunct Professor (article 17.5.2), Sessional Lecturer (article 17.5.1), Visiting Professor (article 17.2.1) or Research Fellow (article 17.2.4).

If there are any post-doctoral fellows in your department, please be aware that they need to be registered with the University. For more information and to register them, please contact

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