Important processes

2.2 New Faculty Orientation

As head of department, it is your duty to welcome new faculty and ensure that they are aware of compulsory training and orientations available.

2.2.1 Compulsory Training for all Employees

To fulfill their legal obligations, the University of Ottawa requires all employees to complete mandatory training, as required by law, during their first month of their employment. Detailed information about the mandatory training can be found on the University of Ottawa’s website.

2.2.2 Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS) Orientation

The Orientation Program for New Professors is offered each year just before the fall term. Its goal is to share with new professors the many resources available at the University of Ottawa that will make teaching and research exciting. Participants get to discuss teaching strategies and technology with the TLSS team and meet with key contacts who will be able to answer questions related to research activities.

Individuals are available to answer questions from faculty about teaching, research and other activities. This is a unique opportunity to discover all the services offered by the University of Ottawa. It is also a good starting point to develop a network by meeting with peers from all horizons and different faculties.

2.2.3. APUO Orientation

The Association of Professors of the University of Ottawa (APUO) is the exclusive bargaining unit for full-time academic members at the University of Ottawa and represents regular full-time professors (with the exception of visiting professors), language teachers, counsellors, and librarians. 

While the APUO does not offer a formal orientation session, they do organize an annual meet & greet event for all new members early into the fall term. This event provides new faculty opportunity for meeting with the APUO staff members, the APUO Executive Committee members, and representatives from the APUO Board of Directors.

2.2.4 Mentoring through the Centre for Academic Leadership

The Centre for Academic Leadership (CAL) coordinates a Mentoring program which creates a link between tenure-track or tenured University of Ottawa faculty members (the mentees) and more experienced colleagues (the mentors). Mentors provide support, information and advice, and also share experiences that can help faculty better negotiate the demands of a complex and constantly changing academic world. The CAL offers two types of programmes: individual mentoring and group mentoring.

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