Important processes

2.10 Research

When a faculty member receives research monies through a contract, they work with the University of Ottawa’s Research Management Services to ensure all the necessary logistics are in place to receive the monies.

The Faculty/Chair is responsible to ensure that all signing authorities are properly delegated and confirmed in writing, that files are maintained and that all such delegations of authority comply with Sponsor and University policies.

The Faculty/Chair must:

  • Document delegation of authority through completion of the Delegation of Signing Authority Form.
  • Obtain assurance that there is no delegation of authority when specifically precluded in the contract and that delegation of authority is properly implemented.
  • Maintain up to date files for Delegation of Signing Authority documentation.
  • Identify a person, within the Department or Faculty, to implement and manage these delegations.
  • Ensure that there are effective auditing processes to manage, communicate, and monitor delegations of signing authority.
  • Confirm that the signature for the authorizing of transactions is that of the account holder or an authorized delegate (This confirmation can be obtained on a test basis or ad-hoc basis).
  • Investigate unusual items and takes appropriate action where necessary.
  • Inform proper person or service of unusual situations (Financial Services, RMS, ISS, etc.).
  • Ensure that transactions falling outside the administrator's scope of authority are referred to appropriate authority.
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