Writing Support Groups

We offer two types of writing support groups:
the "WYJA" and the "S15".

Both groups have 12 weekly meetings during the semester where you share your progress of the previous week and look ahead to your objectives for the coming week (group accountability). The difference is with the methodology.

The "WYJA" is based on Wendy Laura Belcher’s Writing Your Journal Article in 12 weeks - directed mostly to faculty and grad students in the humanities, this book gives a framework for writing an article in a specific time. Every week, we follow this book.   

The "S15" (short for Support 15 minutes daily) does not follow the WYJA methodology to the letter, but participants often go back to it.  Every week, you will set some specific objectives ("I will try to.." is not acceptable) which will be shared with the group and you will be encouraged to keep your daily progress visible to the group through a Google Doc spreadsheet. 

Each session is open to 12 professors who will commit to following the proposed methodology during the entire term, that is to say that by registering, the participants commit to attending the 12 weekly 60-minute meetings and doing their ‘homework’.



This workshop will be facilitated by

Françoise Moreau-Johnson

Centre for Academic Leadership


  • "This writing support group works for me.  I write almost every single day of the week during term time, whereas I couldn’t write anything at all in the past during teaching season.  But somehow it seems almost normal to write since everyone else in the support group is doing it.  So now when I haven’t achieved a lot, I feel like I underachieved, whereas in the past it was 0 achievement-wise."
  • "This  group reinstated confidence in a project that had suffered from intermittent bouts of writing due to career interruptions and the ongoing pandemic. It was amazing! And, the task of having to explain your work to others certainly helps to focus the argument." 
  • "It has given me the opportunity to interact with open-minded and growth-oriented peers and senior colleagues.  I have gained deep insights from their writing experiences. Also, it has helped me to gain perspective and hands-on experience to craft space and direction for my writing and further career development."
  • « Ce groupe me force à prioriser ma recherche. »

Date and Location


  • Sept 13 - Dec 13 2021. Every Monday from 10:15 - 11:15.

*All workshops are currently taken place over Teams or Zoom*


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  • Sept 14 - Dec 7 2021. Every Tuesday from 10:15- 11:15.

*All workshops are currently taken place over Teams or Zoom*


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Notification of Future Dates

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Target audience

University of Ottawa full-time professors (tenured or tenure-track) only.

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