Managing Conflict and Difficult Conversations

Managing conflict and difficult conversations is an integral part of daily life. The challenge is always to ensure that these exchanges don’t taint the climate in the workplace. With the help of the Thomas-Kilmann instrument, a well-tested questionnaire that is the standard in this area, this workshop will lead you to identify and deepen your understanding of your own preferred approach to conflict management. You will also improve your ability to manage conflict by discovering how to take advantage of other possible approaches so as to be able to choose the one that best suits the circumstances, so as to defuse conflicts without sacrificing interpersonal relationships.

One essential part of conflict management is how to approach and steer those famous “difficult conversations”: those moments of high tension that can easily aggravate a conflictual situation when it is not approached with all the necessary skill. In a second phase, using practical exercises, this workshop will therefore lead you to discover some real-world solutions that you can use, depending on the type of situation with which you are confronted when having to broach a challenging conversation.

* This workshop is offered in English (Jan 6 & 13 2022) and in French (Jan 5 & 12 2022).






This workshop will be facilitated by
David Graham,
Former Provost & Vice-President Academic Affairs

Date and Location

Jan 6 & 13 2022 9am - 12pm EN
Jan 5 & 12 2022 9am - 12pm FR

*All workshops are currently taken place over Teams or Zoom*


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Target audience

Priority will be given to University of Ottawa academic leaders, such as vice-deans, department and program chairs, or professors who have been identified in their faculty's succession plan.

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