How to Publish More


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Writing a lot is the dream of some and a necessity for many. Each professor is a writer, but sometimes the writing of a book or an article becomes a challenge.  This workshop will present strategies to overcome the barriers to writing and will discuss tactics to improve your writing productivity.

The workshop will also introduce tactics on how to publish more: "Amongst increasing demands on our professional time and attention, it is often our writing that suffers, even though publication is a key career asset. This workshop provides tactics and strategies for improving time and project management." (Mark Salter, 2018) 



Please note that the presentation will be in English, but that participants’ interactions can be in French or English.








This workshop will be facilitated by
Mark B. Salter
full professor at the School of Political Studies


  • "I've submitted three articles as a result of the writing days so far this year"
  • "This is a supportive and encouraging environment. There is a subtle peer pressure to keep active. Time for re-energizing activities and looking after yourself (balance) is encouraged... Blockages are often overcome by a quick conversation with someone else."
  • “It was enormously helpful to see the scholars work with concentration and dedication. I would not have accomplished as much at home alone."

Date and Location

  • Online. One week before the workshop, you will receive the link to join the workshop.


Target audience

All University of Ottawa full-time professors (tenured or tenure-track).

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