Writing Days for "Keeners"

As the writing room at 30 Stewart is closed until further notice, we need to write in isolation. However, this does not mean that you must be alone in your endeavour. Here is what we suggest:

  • Commit to one or more writing periods during the week
  • Make your objectives public on this Google sheet
  • Join in a Zoom call on Thursdays at 3.30pm to check in

Here are some comments from people who participated in one or multiple writing days.

  • “I was able to focus on a large task that needed a great deal of focused time. I was motivated by those around me and that kept me driven to keep going. I was also able to tackle a few smaller projects that always get pushed down on the To Do List.”
  • “There is absolutely no question that I was more productive during these five days away than I would have been during an equivalent amount of time at my office in Ottawa.”
  • “… the ongoing benefits of the retreat: First, this time firmly reoriented me from primarily a teacher to primarily a writer, and I have come back renewed and excited about my summer projects – and committed to finding time to work on them! Second, the sense of mutual support that was created amongst the participants helped ease the isolation that can sometimes accompany writing and created a sense of community which continues. Third, the practical career advice and writing tips offered by my senior colleagues over meals and during early-morning runs were precious and it was fantastic to continue conversations over days instead of minutes. Fourth, hearing about the work and processes of other women was incredibly inspiring, and gave me ideas for my own future projects. I could go on…the point I wish to emphasis is that the writing retreat provided more than simply five days in which I got a lot done. It was fruitful, motivating, and inspiring, and it created a sense of community that is, for some of us, invaluable to our happiness and productivity.”
  •  “The retreat experience reminded me in a very proactive way that writing can be enjoyable when shared with a group of women & now on my own in my office.”
  • “Every time I felt like getting up or checking my email, I felt motivated to just keep writing.  I wrote more today than I thought possible.”
  • “It has helped me focus in a space without office or home-based distractions.”
  • “I was motivated to prepare for the retreat so I did a lot of work to get my project up to date to be able to spend a day writing it up.  I feel like I made a lot of progress.”

Dates and Location

  • Fall 2020

Thursdays at 3.30pm  



Google Sheet

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