Writing Retreats

2020-2021 retreats


Hotel Kenney

The retreats planned for May 2020 had to be cancelled because of the COVID crisis.
However, 8 professors will be staying at the Manoir de la forêt in Cantley (25 minutes from uOttawa) for 5 days / 4 nights during the October reading week. We are also planning two retreats for May 2021 at the Manoir.  
During their stay, professors will have access to a common writing room and share meals, giving them the chance to report on their week’s writing projects’ progress and to build new relationships.

Participants are expected by 10 am on Monday morning.

The total cost of the retreat is approximately $845.


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Inspired by Barbara Grant’s article "Writing in the company of women: exceeding the boundaries" (2006, Studies in Higher Education), the Centre for Academic Leadership offers writing opportunities for the University of Ottawa’s professors since October 2010.



This workshop will be facilitated by

Françoise Moreau-Johnson

Centre for Academic Leadership


  • "I regained lost confidence about my ability to write.  I have a new energy around it.  I feel supported in the challenges of writing and I feel more sure that I will not only finish this project but have a sense of direction about how to start another.  I can’t wait for the next retreat!"
  • "the commitment of my colleagues has been inspiring. Everyone worked so hard and I felt energized by the quiet industry all around me. Getting away from the endless demands of my work and home life was amazing. "
  • "My writings habits have shifted from not wanting to write to wanting to write in new creative ways. Writing is no longer a difficult process, but a positive one".
  • "I was able to meet my manuscript deadline, the only deadline I have met with [my] book up to now! I am very grateful to my authorial partners in crime during the retreat for their charming company and support."
  • "There is absolutely no question that I was more productive during these five days away that I would have been during an equivalent amount of time at my office in Ottawa."
  • «Le fait de se consacrer entièrement à l’écriture (pas de ménage à faire, ni de cuisine) et la présence des autres créent les conditions favorables pour multiplier la productivité ».
  • «Les retraites d'écriture sont des beaux moments de solidarité,d'entraide et de partage qui permettent de développer des stratégies plus saines pour gérer les divers défis du travail». 
  • «Je vais soumettre un article beaucoup plus rapidement que ce que j'aurais réussi à faire autrement ».
  • « Nous sommes choyés d’avoir ces activités. Le Centre de leadership participe à notre progression en tant que professeures femmes ».
  • « Atmosphère apaisante, rassurante, réconfortante et qui nous éloigne de la compétitivité».
  • «Faciliter la concentration pour commencer à écrire à propos d’un nouveau sujet. Être entourée par des collègues partageant la même activité était certainement une source de motivation.  ».

Dates and Locations


Oct 25-29 2021 Fall

*The retreat will take place at the Manoir de la forêt in Cantley *



Feb 21-25 2022 Winter
May 2-6 2022 Winter
May 16-20 2022 Winter



Notification of Future Dates

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Target audience

For all University of Ottawa full-time professors (tenured or tenure-track).

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