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The Office of Campus Sustainability in the News

Here are some important announcements and a list of the Office of Campus Sustainability in the news.
STARS Gold seal

The University of Ottawa receives a STARS Gold rating

For the first time, the University of Ottawa has been awarded a Gold rating in recognition of its sustainability achievements from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). The Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS) measures and encourages sustainability in all aspects of higher education. 

A green representation of the earth in the palm of a hand

Education as a driver for climate action

For our Faculty, 2023 marks a year of action on education and climate, strengthening our commitment to working on a sustainable future for all.

Icebergs in a northern landscape

Weathering climate change: uOttawa receives $1M from TD Ready Challenge

The National Indigenous Climate Compass (NICC), an online data analysis tool, is the winning project of a 1-million-dollar grant from the TD Ready Challenge that will help Indigenous communities adapt to and mitigate climate change risks. The tool will be developed at the University of Ottawa collaboratively with the Faculty of Engineering’s Centre for Indigenous Community Infrastructure (CICI), Indigenous, and Indigenous communities.

COP 15 colorful facade in Montréal

Climate crisis and biodiversity: CELGS goes international to expand outreach

The participation of members of uOttawa’s Centre for Environmental Law and Global Sustainability (CELGS) as official observers at the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 27) and Biodiversity Conference (COP 15) is a testament to the centre’s desire to promote policies that offer solutions to the environmental challenges facing Canada and the world.

A tree with half its leaves

GSPIA report on Climate Change and Canadian Foreign Policy

A new report by senior fellows of the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at uOttawa, led by senior fellow Patricia Fuller, Canada's former ambassador for climate change, calls on the Canadian foreign ministry to fully integrate climate change into its diplomatic, trade and development activities.

Planet earth covered with skyscrapers and a patch of green space

uOttawa Faculty of Arts launches sustainable cities initiative thanks to $1 M donation

The University of Ottawa Sustainable Cities Initiative will bring together a critical mass of experts, researchers and graduate students to undertake interdisciplinary, collaborative, solutions-oriented research that will help cities across the country and around the world become more sustainable.

A person waters plants at the uOttawa Community Garden

Celebrate Earth Day ... and our campus

On April 22, we celebrate Earth Day and highlight the importance—and urgency—of saving our planet. Since this is a good time to review what we currently do and what more we could do, the Gazette team met with the Office of Campus Sustainability to take stock of the progress the University has made in terms of sustainable development.

A glass globe sitting in a green field

The Faculty of Medicine’s planetary health director urges turning eco-anxiety into action

It’s all too easy to let a vexing sense of “eco-anxiety” creep into your life when each new scientific roundup about the state of the planet is grimmer than the one before. Massive wildfires, floods, and the accelerating pace of glacial melting routinely top news reports. The sheer scale of the climate crisis can feel overwhelming.

An open plaza in the City of Ottawa surrounded by trees

Cultivating sustainable cities and communities by tackling climate change

Professor Daina Mazutis received a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight Grant to study how certain urban construction and development companies around the world are tackling climate change by incorporating zero carbon emission and zero waste goals into their planning processes. Her research will help understand why and how these companies manage to prioritize climate change, and how others can contribute to more sustainable urban design and development.


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  • Recyclage et boîtes bleues : bilan, idées et projets [FR]
    Since the 1970s, recycling has been touted as one of the main solutions to waste accumulation and climate change. However, waste production in Canada has continued to grow year after year. As a resident of the City of Ottawa and a member of the Ottawa community, it is often difficult to determine the impact of one's waste sorting from a broader perspective. [French Only]
  • uOttawa is continuing its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint
    The University of Ottawa is following through on commitments to making environmental sustainability a core tenet of its long-term investment portfolio strategy by announcing that it will divest all its direct equity fossil fuel holdings by 2023 and all indirect holdings by 2030.
  • Clean Economy, Innovation Chair tackles sustainable economic solutions
    “We’re very excited to launch this new research chair. This will strengthen uOttawa’s ability to influence economic policies that deliver real-world solutions to the challenge of transitioning to a low-carbon economy,” says uOttawa president Jacques Frémont. 
  • uOttawa Period Project introduces free and sustainable menstrual products to campus
    A student-led initiative has recently brought back accessible and sustainable menstrual products to campus at the University of Ottawa.
  • Student pilot project to get menstrual products
    Students at the University of Ottawa have taken a group project beyond the classroom. They're working to provide menstrual products in all campus bathrooms, and All in a Day heard from two group members about why access to sustainable products is important to them.
  • Creating a Sustainable Supply Chain in the Food and Grocery Retail Sector
    Telfer alumna Chantal Butler (BCom ’94) believes there is a momentum in the food retail sector for driving sustainable actions within supply chains. Chantal is Vice President Sales and General Manager of Loblaw Business at Weston Foods.
  • How is uOttawa making campus more sustainable?
    April 22, Earth Day, is an important reminder that our planet needs us to fight for it, that day and every other. That’s why the University is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and determined to integrate climate action into our programs, research and operations.
  • uOttawa, the Impact Rankings, and the global statement on the 2030 Agenda
     On Earth Day, Faculty of Medicine’s planetary health director urges turning eco-anxiety into action. The University of Ottawa, represented by President and Vice-Chancellor Jacques Frémont, recently joined leaders of 57 other universities from around the world to release a joint statement calling for accelerated action for a more sustainable world.
  • uOttawa’s Facilities team doubles down on green transportation
    Although fewer people are making their way to and around campus in person these days, sustainable transportation remains a priority for the University of Ottawa. Here are a few initiatives that the University’s Facilities team has implemented to help keep campus green and clean.
  • Vodkow offers Another Round to Help the Planet
    Each year on Earth Day, we are encouraged to take a moment to think about the impact we have on the environment, and how we may act to lessen this. This sentiment is exactly what motivates a group of Faculty of Science researchers at the University of Ottawa, and their partners at Dairy Distillery, as they seek to convert a waste product generated during alcohol fermentation into a novel, green, fertilizer.
  • STEM Complex earns LEED Gold certification
    Anyone who has ever wandered through the STEM Complex will agree that it is designed for the 21st century. Not only is it a playground for engineers, physicists, and entrepreneurs alike, but also, in addition to being uOttawa’s largest and newest facility, the STEM Complex is now LEED Gold certified, meaning that we can officially call it an eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable building.
  • The University of Ottawa continues to take action in the fight against climate change
    As a research-intensive institution of higher learning, the University of Ottawa has a crucial role to play in the fight against climate change. Each year, uOttawa implements significant measures to take action on this global challenge.

  • uOttawa signs national charter to address climate change
    The University of Ottawa has joined forces with 15 universities across the country to tackle climate change by pledging to follow responsible investment practices.

  • Fighting climate change, one building at a time
    When it comes to protecting the environment, every little bit counts. Even so, large-scale measures are vital in the fight against climate change.