collage of artists and graphic depiction of the post-panda party

What’s in store

  • Jakean will be kicking things off at 8 p.m. and will be followed by performances by Jessia and Felix Cartal!

  • BYOB - you bring the booze, we'll bring the beats.

  • A valid student ID from any post secondary institution will be required for entry.  

Safer use of alcohol and drugs

If you use alcohol and drugs to celebrate Panda, here are ways you can use in a safer way:   

  • Plan ahead and follow Canada’s guidance on alcohol (PDF, 739 KB)   

  • Plan for a safe ride home.  

  • Stick to one substance at a time.   

    • Mixing substances, (including prescription medications) can increase the risk of overdose (drug poisoning).  

  • Know the signs of overdose (drug poisoning) by visiting 

    • Carry a naloxone kit to temporarily reverse the effects of overdose (drug poisoning) 

  • Stay hydrated before, during and after drinking alcohol or using other substances. Try having one glass of water between every one to two alcoholic beverages.  

  • Eat a nutritious meal before using substances. Snack throughout the day.  

  • Avoid consuming substances alone.  

  • Before the party: 

    • Let a friend know what your plans are and where you will be 

    • Know who to contact in an emergency   

    • Set limits for yourself and sticking to them.  

For more harm reduction tips and additional information on specific substances, visit The Link from Ottawa Public Health. 


Consent cannot be given while high, drunk, or otherwise impaired.   

Remember that consent:  

  • Is freely and expressly given.  

  • Is current and can be taken away at any time.  

  • Is enthusiastic and enjoyable.  

No one deserves or asks to be sexually assaulted.   

For more consent information, visit The Link from Ottawa Public Health.  

Please note
  • Individuals will not be permitted to enter the event with more than 375 ml of hard liquor, 750 ml of wine, 6 cans of beer or coolers. 
  • No glass bottles or containers will be permitted at the event. 
Date and time
Oct 1, 2023
8 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Format and location
In person
90 University (90U)
Parking lot
English, French
Undergraduate students, Graduate students