Our Olympic-sized pool is now open!

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Athletics and recreation
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Our Olympic-sized pool is now open following a major overhaul. Here's everything you need to know before diving in. (Besides the obvious, you'll need a swimsuit).
  • Head allllll the way down - The pool is located in the basement of Montpetit Hall.
  • You’ve probably already paid for it! - All uOttawa students who have paid tuition, employees and fitness membership holders already have pool access. All you need to do, is scan your student or membership card upon entry into Montpetit (MNT) – no additional payment required. 
  • You can swim every day, but not all day - Drop-in lane swims and free swims are available everyday. Checkout the full swim schedule
  • Everyone is welcome - Swimmers of all abilities are welcome to use the pool! Many lanes are open during lane swims which allows for a wide range of speed and skill. There are also flutter boards, buoys and other equipment available for use! If you aren’t sure which lane to use, pool etiquette signs are posted in the facility and the pool staff is happy to answer your questions or point you in the right direction!
  • We appreciate it when you shower - All swimmers are required to shower before using the pool. Showers, changerooms and daily use lockers are all available. You can also rent a locker for the entire semester for 30$. 
  • It’s back and it really is better – many changes have been made to the filtration and HVAC systems that will result in much better water and air quality throughout the aquatic centre. Some of the changes made include:
  • two new pool pumps
  • two new filtration pads and upgrades to the pool filter pit
  • 72 new water jets, 44 new skimmers, 5 new main drain wall grills and 6 new main floor drain covers
  • new heat exchanger system
  • entirely new piping system to bring water into and out of the pool
  • balancing and optimization of existing systems such as HVAC (air), UV (water)
  • new pool chemistry automation & monitoring system
  • a new pool bulkhead
  • repairs to the diving tower and more!
  • We hope to see you swimming soon!