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Master of Education - Coursework Option

You may choose from the asynchronous coursework only MEd degree option to complete the program in 12 months, through asynchronous/synchronous online or hybrid, as well as in-person course offerings. Or you may want to dive into research by completing a research project (MEd-MRP degree option) or even a final thesis (MA degree).

A recent CIBC World Markets report identifies Education as one of seven top yielding master’s degrees in Canada, with an average earning premium of 86%.

Concentration offered

Minimum Admission Requirements

  • B average​
  • 4-year bachelor's degree, BEd or other degrees accepted​

The admission requirements vary depending on the program of study and the concentration chosen. It is important to read all the information before submitting an application. Our programs have limited places available, meeting all the requirements don't guarantee a successful admission.

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Special students

This student status allows you to take a maximum of two courses in graduate studies. 

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