Clinical placement risk management

We work with community agencies, clinics, and hospital partners to ensure all our students have completed the non-academic requirements to safely enter a clinical setting.

What is the purpose of clinical placement risk management?

  • In order to meet the university’s commitment to our clinical partners, the University of Ottawa has mandated pre-clinical requirements for all students participating in clinical courses.

  • The agencies receiving you for your clinical placement reserve the right to refuse access to students who do not meet their immunization/testing and other requirements.

  • The Faculty of Health Sciences has the responsibility of ensuring that each student complies with the requirements.

  • Failure to submit signed and correctly completed records to your nurse advisor by the deadlines may result in you being excluded from participation in a clinical placement and labs for certain programs.

Clinical placement risk management advisors

The Faculty of Health Sciences risk management team is comprised of three nurse advisors. They all share knowledge and experience in public health, primary care, and immunization. The advisors are well informed in Ontario Immunization Guidelines and catch-up series. They play a key role in ensuring that the University of Ottawa meets it commitments to our clinical partners by verifying student's preclinical requirements and clearing them for placement attendance.

  1. Christine Nadori
    Kinesiology and Human Kinetics - [email protected]
    Nutrition Sciences - [email protected]
    Physiotherapy - [email protected]
    Occupational Therapy - [email protected]
    Speech and Audiology - [email protected]
  2. Marisa McCulloch
    [email protected]
    Nursing Undergraduate Program (BSc) - uOttawa
    Nursing Graduate Program (MScN, MScNP, and NP)
  3. Cindy Leung
    [email protected]
    Nursing Undergraduate Collaborative Program (BSc) - Algonquin Woodroffe campus
    Bridging Program
  4. Lori Lush-Taylor
    [email protected] or 613-735-4700, ext. 2639.
    Nursing Undergraduate Collaborative Program (BSc) - Algonquin Pembroke campus
    If you're attending the Pembroke campus, please contact Lori Lush-Taylor for any questions regarding your pre-clinical requirements.